Our Vision

Our vision is of a Federation that achieves success for all. This means that everyone is challenged and supported to make good or better progress. Everyone is motivated, confident, safe and healthy. Everyone participates in a range of activities, in and out of school, and contributes to the wider community.

Our Key Values are:
Aspiration | Respect | Community | Excellence


We instil in our children an aspiration to be the best they can be, in all areas of the curriculum. We teach them that it is OK to have a dream but that it is the hard work and dedication you put in along the way that ultimately will lead to success. We help our learners to be aspirational in the way that they conduct themselves, in how they engage with their learning and in the standards they set themselves for the outcomes that they produce.

We make no apologies for teaching our children to want the best for themselves and for setting them on the path to aspire to success, in whatever they set their minds to. Our curriculum shares the key skills needed to succeed explicitly with our learners, supporting them to see the next steps in their learning and drive towards this.


Respecting ourselves, each other, the environment and our community are at the heart of life at Pebworth. Visitors often comment on the excellent behaviour and manners demonstrated by our pupils. Our children are guided to show respect at every turn and are explicitly modelled this by staff at every opportunity. Our approach to managing behaviour and general comings and goings of the classroom is routed in respect and this is apparent as you walk around our site, from children respectfully debating alternative points of view in an English lesson to clearing up rubbish they have seen in the corridor.

We support children to show respectful behaviour to their peers, staff, visitors and volunteers, the school environment and the wider world around us. Our fantastic school site is an excellent learning tool for our children and allows them to develop a healthy respect for the environment through growing our own food and exploring our forest school areas. We are also an eco school with pupils taking the lead on how we can lessen our impact on the planet.
Children also have an excellent model of mutual respect through the effective working relationships staff have with families. Staff are only too happy to support our families in whatever way they can, whenever it is needed.


The community is at the heart of life at Pebworth. We work with a range of local volunteers and organisations to enrich the education of our children and support the various organisations operating in the area to make Pebworth a great place to live, work and learn.

Our gardening club work closely with members of Pebworth in Bloom to make our environment gold standard – we are very proud of our many Schools in Bloom Gold Awards! Throughout the year our children work hard to grow their own fruit and vegetables before cooking and sharing them with our community at our annual community lunch. This is just one example of our children getting involved in village life and learning essential life skills along the way.

Our children recognise that community extends beyond the village limits and support a range of local and national charities, events and business to true modern citizens, prepared and empowered to take their place in the world.


‘Excellence in education is when we do everything that we can to make sure they become everything that they can.’

At Pebworth we strive for excellence in all that we do. Our small, caring school community support each other in every way we can to ensure that all our children have the opportunity to shine and are well prepared for the next stage in their education.

Excellence comes through the way our staff and children interact with each other, through the fantastic learning opportunities available in all areas of the curriculum and through engaging with our partners at Blackminster Middle School to enrich the experience of our children beyond our setting.

Small groups and high adult ratios mean that all of our children have the time and attention they need to excel in whatever area of the curriculum or wider Pebworth experience they are drawn to.