Please click on the links below to see the policies held by the school and federation. If you’d like a paper copy of any of these please do not hesitate to contact the School Office.

Acceptable Use Agreement 2021/2022

Accessibility Plan (Fed) 2020-2023

Admissions PFS 2021-2022

Antibullying Fed 2021-2022 NS

Attendance Fed 2022-2023 NS

Charging and Remissions Fed 2022-2023

Children with health needs who cannot attend school Fed 2021-2022

Complaints Fed 2022-2023

Data protection Fed 2022-2023

Designated Teacher for LAC and PLAC Fed 2022-2023

Federation equality information and objectives

First Aid and Medicines Fed 2022-2023

Safeguarding & Child Protection Federation 2022-2023

Relationships & Sex Education Policy FED

Parent and Carer Code of Conduct 2021-24

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy PFS 2021-22