Early Help

At Pebworth First and Blackminster Middle Schools we recognise the challenges that families face in bringing up children. There may be times when you need extra help and support. If this is the case please come and talk to us. You can contact your child’s form teacher at any time to discuss how we can work together to support your family. Details of how we might do this can be found in our Early Help Offer.

Universal level

  • Small schools, family atmosphere
  • Well-being in the curriculum
  • Good policies and practices
  • Key point of contact in school
  • Robust safeguarding arrangements

Inclusion manager

  • 1:1 support for children on a range of issues
  • Individual support for families
  • Signposting to outside agencies

Targeted level

  • Lunchtimes clubs and nurture groups
  • Personal care

Specialist level

  • Mental Health First Aid trained staff
  • Educational Psychology service
  • Autism service
  • Specialist teams support

External professionals

  • Counselling
  • Mentoring
  • Virtual Schools

Pupil Premium

  • Individual support as required
  • Training for staff on pedagogy
  • Support with funding for trips etc

WCC Family Support Workers

  • Individual work with families as required

Download our Early
Help Statement