Sports at PFS

Children have two PE lessons each week and have the opportunity to experience a range of sports including but not limited to Athletics, Badminton, Boccia, Cross-Country, Football, Gymnastics, Health and Fitness, Hockey, Kurling and Rugby. Thanks to the affiliation with Blackminster PE Staff our students are also taken to the Middle School to benefit from their sports facilities and specialist sport coaches.

Out of school sporting opportunities are embraced and supported by all staff: cricket coaching, tag rugby coaching, cycle training, sports / dance club, martial arts, bell boating and the occasional inter-school football tournaments have all been enjoyed.

What does sport mean to me?
'Doing different activities to make you healthier’ – Bella (7)
‘Having fun and exercising with Mr Downing and Mrs Roberts’ - Mia (6)
‘Being healthy and having fun’ – Orla (7)
‘It makes me think of teamwork and playing games with my friends’ – Kieran (10)
‘Doing lots of fun stuff and being active’ – Phoebe (10)
Sports1 Sports2
What is your favourite part of PE?
‘Football –because you can really get stuck in and be active’ – Sam (8)
‘Dance – especially when Mr Beavan joins in’ – Brooke (5)
‘I like Gymnastics as we get to have all the equipment out’ – Kacey (6)
'All of it – Pe is brilliant and I love Mr Beavan, Mrs Roberts and Mr Downing’ – Abi (4)
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