Cleeve Prior Heritage Trust
Monday 15th October 2018
On Thursday 15th November, Birch Class went to the Cleeve Prior Heritage Trust. Before we went, we had carried out map work looking at co-ordinates and compared it with Google maps where we explored different routes from Pebworth First School to Cleeve Prior. Working out the scale was a little tricky but we applied our maths skills purposefully to work out how many kilometres each route covered. Impressively, TJ was able to remember directions based on the routes studied on the maps.
We also decorated wooden plaques with the names of apple and pear trees, such as Discovery, Charles Ross and Prolific, then on arrival, we used a plan to locate and label our chosen tree. We learnt some differences between an apple and pear tree by looking at the bark and the distance between the buds. We also learnt that rabbits can eat the barks of apple trees, saw how ivy can damage a tree and found out why fruit trees are planted in straight lines in an orchard. Furthermore, we made observational drawings of our trees in order to look at seasonal changes when we return in the spring or summer to draw the same trees. As it was a clear, sunny day, we were able to spot “Dover’s Hill” in the distance when stood on higher ground up some wooden steps.
In the “secret” wood, we located squirrel dreys and there was also a lot of excited, or was it nervous, screeching when spiders were spotted in our bug-hunting!
Thank your Mr Taylor and Mrs Carr for inviting us and for your help. Cleeve Prior Heritage Trust - we will be back!

Diary Dates
Tuesday 30th October 2018
Monday 5th November - Sunflowers Preschool to start again on PFS premises. They provide wrap-around provision operating from 8 am to 6 pm - further details and confirmation to follow.

Remembrance Sunday 11th November - at 10:52 ( in order to fit in silence at 11.00) Pebworth In Bloom and St Peter’s Church are planning a big Act Of Remembrance, for the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice.
Starting in the Church at 10.52 and then processing down the hill to the Memorial opposite the Mason’s Arms. All the Village organisations will be involved, laying wreaths, including the Fire Service, Raffe will play the Last Post! The Ringers will ring a muffled peal, and at 19.05 they will join with 1,000 Churches and Cathedrals ringing out all over the Country.

Friday 16th November - Children in Need fund-raising including non-uniform spots day (further details to follow).

Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th November - last games clubs for the term.

Thursday 29th November - non-school uniform day - theme is 'Dress as the professional you want to be when you grow up.' (£1 donation).
It is also celebration assembly at 9 am.

Friday 30th November - TED ( no school for children).

Sunday 2nd December - our handbell players have been invited to play at the 'Winter Warmer' which is Pebworth Village Choir's concert at the village hall in the evening - further details to follow.

Monday 10th December - Oak Class' visit to Smart Trees.

Thursday 13th December - last gardening club this term.

Wednesday 19th December - Christmas traditional carol concert at Pebworth village hall in the evening - further details to follow. Friends (our PTA) will be providing refreshments and organising fund-raising activities.

Thursday 20th December - whole school panto to watch Aladdin at Redditch Palace Theatre in the morning.

Friday 21st December - last day of term - earlier finish about 2:15 pm.

Great Pudding Feast!
Friday 26th October 2018
Pupils at Pebworth First School have been busy harvesting and cooking the fruit that they've grown in their school garden. Birch Class picked over 100 apples from the 'Elstar' tree and 120 pears from the 'Conference' tree, along with a range of other cultivars. Now these apples and pears have been baked into a mouth-watering selection of 8 different puddings, as part of the school's Harvest Festival celebrations.

All the pupils were involved in baking on Thursday, making Pear and Chocolate Cake, Spiced Apple Tray Bake, Pear Upside-down Cake and Apple, Lemon and Honey Tart, to a name a few. Then on Friday these were served to 18 invited guests. The children sang 'Food glorious food', before the puddings were processed into the school hall. These were then served to the guests, who came from the village and who have some voluntary role within the community. Mary and Peter Harrison, who were guests at the Pudding Feast said, ' It's always a joy to come into the school and see the enthusiasm the children have and the taste their wonderful culinary skills.’


Hello, Betty!
Friday 19th October 2018
On 19th October 2018, Hilary and Sue visited us with Betty who is a German Shepherd dog. They were raising awareness and funds to support the cost of training guide dogs. Betty is not a guide dog but will be mother to puppies who will be selected to be potential guide dogs.
Did you know that before Labradors, German Shepherds were used as guide dogs? At school, we reinforced that children are not to approach dogs they don’t know and to always ask the owner permission before patting a dog.
The children were so excited to meet a real dog and Betty enjoyed the attention and affection.
Sue is taking up the challenge of walking 100 miles blindfolded, doing 5 miles each day even though she has a lung conditions which can create breathing difficulties. She has already walked 60 miles and has set herself the target of raising £2500 so that she has the opportunity to name a future guide dog “Megan” after a beloved family member. Please support her, Sue lives in Pebworth and welcomes every penny that can be donated. She can be contacted on 07787827457.
Well done, Pebworth in raising about £40 to help towards the costs of guide dog training by taking part in our non-uniform day today.

The Harvest Cycle
Friday 19th October 2018
On 18th October 2018, we held our Harvest Celebration assembly where the whole school were involved in a performance which the children entitled “The Harvest Cycle”. They performed it beautifully and smoothly before parents (to the delight of Mrs Taylor who was the inspiration behind it all.) It is hard to understand what a feat it is to execute such an ambitious project.

KS1 acted out a mime depicting the cycle of sowing, growing and harvesting and changes in weather while KS2 children played instruments they had made from recycled materials to convey the sun, rain, growing, storm and harvesting.

Reverend Scott also visited to share thoughts on being thankful for the food and for all that we have.

Thank you to Mrs Taylor for all her hard work for this harvest creation.

Thank you too to the children who brought in harvest produce; this was donated to the Home Farm Trust at Bidford which supports young adults with learning disabilities.

Vote for Me!
Wednesday 17th October 2018
Elections took place in each class for a school and eco councillor.

On 17th October 2018, members of Birch Class delivered our “Vote for me” school council speeches. This put our persuasive writing to real life purpose as well as develop confidence and clarity in our presentation skills. We reviewed British Values discussing democracy and secret ballot. We subsequently talked about being anonymous and that we shouldn’t write our names under the name of the person we voted for.
There were some fantastic ideas suggested that could be put to good use to discuss in school council to help improve life at school and the children displayed great enthusiasm in getting involved in class elections.

One school councillor was elected for each class. They were:
Birch Class: Taylor, Maple Class: Bella and Oak Class: Rose

Manor House Gardens
Saturday 6th October 2018
On Friday 5th October, the whole school went to Manor House in Pebworth; a big “thank you” to John and Annie for opening their garden and grounds to us… and for the confectionery treat.
The afternoon was spent collecting conkers, enjoying the peaceful view of the Malverns and Ragley Hall, identifying evergreen trees, holes made by woodpeckers and we even spotted an “elephant” hiding in the Wellingtonia tree.
Thank you too to Mrs Hay for organising our visit.

Oh no, no technology day!
Wednesday 3rd October 2018
Wednesday 3rd October was our third eco day. We considered what life would be like without technology which also included reducing our use of electricity to save energy. We got used to being plunged into darkness as unnecessary lights were switched off and even explored what it was like trying to work in the dark.
How did children play before ipads, x-boxes, i-phones, and other electronic were invented? Children played active games outdoors and indoors, engaged in board and other games which required more social interaction instead of sitting in front of a screen. It certainly developed some children’s skills in taking turns! Some children even made their own games creating jigsaw puzzles using drawings they had made.
However, the question still remains, “Is technology all bad?”

Diary Dates
Tuesday 2nd October 2018
Friday 5th October - afternoon - Forest School

Thursday 18th October at 9:10 am - Harvest assembly with Rev Scott - parents and families welcome. (Please note this assembly will now be instead of October's celebration assembly) Children will be asked to bring in produce which will be donated to a local charity.

Monday 22nd October - parents evening - appointment letter to follow (3:30 pm to 6:00 pm)

Last after-school games club in the Autumn term will be on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th November.
Last after-school gardening club will be on Thursday 13th December.

Thursday 20th December - Whole school Christmas panto trip to Redditch to see Aladdin.

No Paper Allowed!
Monday 1st October 2018
On Monday 1st October, we held our eco “no paper” day. We learnt the importance of not wasting paper and how we could learn without using paper.
Birch Class learnt about what other materials and media were used before paper was invented. Did you know that paper was invented by Cai Lun in China in 105 AD and he started with bamboo rather than wood from trees? We also learnt that we can conserve so much energy and trees by recycling paper too.
We had fun playing with different material and media: acrylic paint on shells was great fun, as well as getting messy with charcoal and chalk. It wasn’t quite so much fun tidying up though!
It was sometimes quite tricky not being able to use paper – the children were keeping their beady eyes on the teachers to check they didn’t use any paper either.
How many trees do you think we could save if every school had a “no paper” day?
The printer and photocopier were very quiet and our recycle bins were left alone today.

Eco Matters!
Monday 1st October 2018
On Friday 28th September, we started some work on eco matters. We split into family groups of mixed year groups and rotated during the afternoon to complete different activities focussed on healthy eating and even healthy minds.
In one session, the children had opportunities to practise mindfulness where they were learning that if they felt worried, anxious, sad, or stressed, they could stop and focus on their breathing to help calm down. We had cuddly “tummy chums” to help us focus on our breathing. It was so relaxing, we nearly fell asleep... the children nearly had to wake one of the teachers up!

Attendance w/e 21/09/18 and Golden Tea Time
Monday 24th September 2018
Well done, Oak Class for achieving the highest attendance %.

Golden tea time: Well done too to Jack, Katy-May and TJ!

We are Internet Legends!
Thursday 20th September 2018
On 20th September, the whole of Pebworth First School were taught how to stay safe on-line by visitors, Jo and Jenny, who are part of the ‘Google Internet Awareness’ initiative.
They learnt how to think before sharing any information online, how to look out for suspicious websites, how to create more secure passwords and how we need to show respect and be kind online. There was also the important message of being ready to discuss any online issues, such as cyberbullying, with a trusted adult.
At the end of the session, they became fully fledged ‘Internet Legends’ who know more about how to stay safe online.

Attendance to 14/09/18
Tuesday 18th September 2018
Welcome back at the start of our new school year!

Well done to those who achieved Golden Tea Time treats: Poppy, Amy and Holly.

Attendance from start of year to 14/09/18: Oak / Class 1 - 89.3%, Maple / Class 2 - 97.7% and Birch / Class 3 - 97.7%
Joint winners: Maple and Birch Classes - Brian Cheesepuff to be shared.

Whole school attendance: 95.2%

A good start to the new year. Let's see if we can keep improving on our attendance!

Komodo Maths Summer Challenge
Wednesday 18th July 2018
Dear Parents

Reminder as to our school's code to set up an account for your child to take part in the Komodo Maths Summer Challenge which is completely free of charge.

The challenge is to complete 15 short maths practice sessions which are based on the National Curriculum for the school year your child has just completed. These ‘little and often’ sessions are perfectly crafted to sharpen maths skills without getting in the way of summer relaxation - and without keeping children at the screen for too long.

Our school's unique code to enter onto komodomath.com/summer so that you can access these practice sessions is

All you have to do is visit https://komodomath.com/summer-learning-parent-signup and scroll down to the bottom of the page, then enter this code in the ‘voucher code’ field when you sign up on the page.

It’s quick, it’s free, it won’t take too much time and we really believe that participating in this initiative will have tangible benefits for our pupils.

Those who have signed up, expressed that it's fun!

Sensational Summer Music Concert
Monday 16th July 2018
Summer Music Concert Friday 13th 2018

What a fantastic end to the summer term! The Summer Music Concert was a huge success with the Friends working tirelessly, families coming together, staff giving their all and of course our wonderful, talented children singing and playing their hearts out. The first half showcased our superb choir, singing a wide range of pieces covering the Vikings, Tudors and a modern self-empowerment song with a swinging beat. Our recorder ensembles showed off their expertise together with a Tudor-style rendition of Greensleeves with ukulele and drum. The second half started with an exciting arrangement of ‘He’s a Pirate’ on hand-bells followed by the debut performance of the Pebworth First School Brass Band, led by our young conductor Luca. All was extremely well received by the audience, particularly the announcement that our school is now officially recognised as “Good” by Ofsted.
Also available was the opportunity to view and purchase items from the excellent art exhibition, where the high standard of art work by the children was clear to see, led by our own talented artist Mrs Redgewell. The Friends provided the back-bone of the event, starting early in the morning erecting gazebos, sorting refreshments and food, as well as other stalls with items for sale. Mrs Tomes kindly took charge of providing hot dogs and the children, together with all the staff made pizza, crafty items and beautiful bunting which added the finishing touches to our wonderful summer concert.
Everyone went the extra mile, including the children, to make this a most enjoyable and successful event. At the latest count, we have raised a massive £300 towards our music fund. We would like to say a big heart felt thank you to all. The feedback we received was excellent and we hope to open up future events to the village, thus strengthening our community ties.
We would also like to say a tremendous "thank you" to Mrs Taylor whose idea it was to do and take on the mammoth task of organising the summer music concert .

If you would like to support the school why not join the ‘Friends’, who are a most welcoming, friendly group, open to new ideas for fund raising and who are also pleased to say, they are now experts at erecting gazebos!

Celebrating after "good" Ofsted rating!
Saturday 14th July 2018
We're in the Evesham Journal dated 5th July. See the link:

Well done to the all the children and staff at Pebworth; also thank you to the support of parents/carers, helpers and our PTA/Friends! We achieved our "good" judgement together!

Attendance w/e 13/07/18
Friday 13th July 2018
Whole school year to date: 93.9%

This week:
Class 1: 90%
Class 2: 94.3%
Class 3: 98.7%

Well done, Class 3!

Attendance w/e 6th July
Friday 6th July 2018
Class 1 :92.9%
Class 2: 98.2%
Class 3: 100% Well done!
Whole school year to date: 93.9%

Golden Tea Time: Orla, TJ, Karma, Nasir, Bella-Rose, Mia.

Thank you to Pebworth in the Park committee
Tuesday 3rd July 2018
The development of the school vegetable and fruit garden commenced in autumn 2006, following the completion of the EYE (Early Years Extension). Initially we used the old Pre-School slabs to create 4 vegetable beds and planted apple and pear trees. Over the next 3 years we added a raised bed and tool shed, followed in 2013 by the polytunnel. However the ground surrounding these structures was just covered in old carpets to stop weed growth. Over time they became worn and very slippery during wet conditions, creating a safety hazard to the children. We are therefore very grateful to the Party in the Park committee in supporting our application for some funding to lay slabs around the rest of this area, the donation of slabs by Chris Burnett and a donation from Councillor Adams Council Funds, to enable Nick Holdsworth to carry out this work for the school. It is now easy for the children to push a wheel barrow around the beds and most importantly it will be safe in wet conditions. Thank you.

Young Person
Friday 29th June 2018
As part of our music studies, Class 3 went to Symphony Hall, Birmingham on 29th June 2018. We were wowed watching the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra play live in the splendid setting of the hall.
This Benjamin Britten’s ‘Young Person Guide to the Orchestra’ event enriched our experience of orchestral music and deepened our understanding of families of instruments in an orchestra. Imitating the movements of the conductor also helped us understand how a conductor guides the orchestra, particularly in terms of expression and dynamics.
Furthermore, we were entertained with renditions. such as John William’s Harry Potter’s Quidditch composition or an excerpt from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite.

Attendance w/e 22 June
Monday 25th June 2018
Class 1 - 100%
Class 2 - 100%
Class 3 - 98%

Whole school from September attendance to date: 93.7%

Golden tea time: Rose, Chloe, Kieran.

First Brass Band Rehearsal
Thursday 21st June 2018
Yesterday, on 20th June, we had our first whole brass band rehearsal. It was amazing how the different sections of of the band came together! With the mighty taps of his baton, our conductor, Luca, made sure they were kept together.

Big Sing
Thursday 21st June 2018
On 18th June, Class 3 attended the Big Sing Event.

They joined 1,500 other children from across the county in this exciting singing event at Worcester University.
Members of Pebworth First School Brass Band played with the professional band in front of everybody for the piece “Viking Warrior”. We are immensely proud of our Year 5 students and well done to everybody who took part.

Attendance w/e 15th June
Friday 15th June 2018
Class 1 won Brian Cheesepuff with 100% attendance this week! Well done, Class 1!
Class 2 - 87.1%
Class 3 - 93.3%

Whole school attendance ytd: 93.5%

Golden Tea Time: Kamran, Rupert, Chantelle, TJ.

This is a GOOD school - Ofsted May 2018
Thursday 14th June 2018
We are delighted with the latest Ofsted judgement. To read the full report please click on the link below.

BMS Refurbishment
Thursday 14th June 2018
We are becoming increasingly excited about the refurbishment of the science and technology areas, which is on schedule to start in the summer holidays. Team Blackminster is really looking forward to teaching your children in state of the art facilities, unrivalled by any other school in the town. It is especially positive for pupils joining us in year 6 as they really benefit from a more grown up style of education in specialist teaching areas, taught by experts. This just doesn't happen in primary schools. We are privileged to have a three tier system in this town and very grateful to our local authority for supporting it through this massive investment in our middle school!

Diary Dates
Monday 11th June 2018
Thursday 14th June - Whole school swimming 4th session.
Monday 18th June - Class 3 Big Sing at Worcester.
Tuesday 19th June - Art Day 1 (wear non-uniform).
Thursday 21st June - Last swimming session.

Tuesday 26th June - Sports Day 1 pm start - parents welcome.
Thursday 28th June - Celebration assembly 9 am.
Friday 29th June - Class 3 at Symphony Hall, Birmngham (need take packed lunch).

Monday 2nd July - Art Day 2 (non-uniform)
Tuesday 3rd July - Transition to new classes and Induction Day for Year 5 at BMS.
Friday 6th July - reports to parents/carers.

Monday 9th July - Art Day 3 (non-uniform).
Friday 13th July - Pebworth School Summer concert 6pm start.

Wednesday 18th July - Whole school end of year - Warwick Castle Trip.
Friday 20th July - Leavers Assembly start 11:30 am - children may leave (with parents or carers!) after assembly.

Attendance w/e 8th June
Friday 8th June 2018
Class 1: 100% Well done!
Class 2: 94.3%
Class 3: 88%

Whole School year to date attendance: 93.6%

Golden tea time: Luca, Holly, Mia, Felicity, Poppy.

Blue Cross - Woof, woof, don't step in it!
Friday 8th June 2018
On 8th June 2018, Jason from Blue Cross returned to Pebworth First School to discuss how to look after our pets by first looking at what we need to keep us happy, healthy and safe.
We looked at five headings: diet, environment, company, behaviour and protection.
Dooby Dog – appropriate diets for dogs? Did you know horses have a digestive system that means they need to have access to a continual supply of hay?
Sunflower seeds used for birds are toxic to dogs and cats?
Cats always need meat but dogs don’t need to have as much meat.
Why is not a good idea to use sticks for dogs to play with?
It was impressive to see how our pupils could correctly identify which of the 5 headings/needs related to the points shared.
There was plenty of information learnt: a dog should be groomed regularly – how to check all over the dog’s body: teeth, paws. Ticks and fleas can be found on a dog. Ticks can be found in tall grass; they can pierce the skin in a corkscrew manner and so it needs a special extraction tool to extract unlike fleas which can be removed more simply using a flea comb. Don’t forget to check your dog’s ears for mites.
Other interesting facts learnt:
Did you know that the best place for guinea pig to live in is something like a Wendy house where they have plenty of space to exercise and it facilitates comfortable human/animal interaction.
Cats need a scratch post to scratch because their claws grow and they need to scratch the old ones off; they also have scents under their nails to help mark territories. Did you know they enjoy playing hunting games?
Do you know which animals need company and which don’t?
Class 3 even got the opportunity to play a “Poo” game which required communication and teamwork. Jack successfully communicated to Phoebe to navigate her out of the field of poo so she didn’t step on any! There were gasps from the rest of the class when there were close calls!
Although there are 5 generic needs, it’s important to learn about specific needs too of our particular type of pet. We have been researching this information to help us in our non-fiction report writing in Literacy.

Attendance w/e 25th May
Saturday 26th May 2018
Class 1: 82.9%
Class 2: 89.3%
Class 3: 97.3%

Well done, Class 3 - you get Brian Cheesepuff!

Order, Order!
Monday 21st May 2018
On 18th May 2018, our local MP Nigel Huddleston and his assistant Ms Julia Luff came to visit us at Pebworth First School. We believe that Ms Luff is Mr Huddleston’s secret bodyguard!

The children had been learning about Parliament and researched information on Nigel Huddleston’s website to learn what is involved in the job of an MP.

They also drew up a wide lots of questions to ask Mr Huddleston ranging from what his favourite car was to why different political parties wear different colours such as, blue, red, yellow or green. He was furthermore asked about extra funding for schools.

Next week, we will be doing some persuasive writing to Mr Huddleston as to why we should have extra funding for Pebworth First School, especially as next Wednesday, he will be able to ask the Prime Minister, Theresa May, a question.

We have lots of ideas on how we can spend extra money… and it’s not all on sweets!

Monday 9th April 2018
On 4th May, Class 3 visited Conkers, near Swadlincote, as part of their science learning looking at food webs, energy and the environment. Karma stated, “The best part for me was the 4D cinema because it looked so realistic that I wanted to touch images coming towards me.” This short clip featured bugs being pursued by predators.

Online Safety - Snapchat
Wednesday 25th April 2018
National Online Safety Guide has been released for parents regarding the dangers of social media platforms for children.

Please Click on the link for a guide to snapchat for parents and carers

FortniteBattleRoyale Sweeping the nation
Thursday 19th April 2018
National Online Safety Guide has been released for parents regarding the Online game FortniteBattleRoyale.

Our guide informs parents about the dangers associated with the viral game and how they can reduce the associated risks, including, but not limited to; restriction of payment methods, preventing children talking to strangers, making a report, avoiding scams and using strong passwords.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Easter!
Wednesday 28th March 2018
Today Class 2 were waiting for the Easter Bunny, so to make our time most productive, we made Easter Nests. We had to apply all of our maths learning to be able to weigh carefully and make a brilliant nest. We left our nests to set in the fridge and before we knew it, the Easter Bunny had been to leave is a magical surprise… They were full of eggs. Chocolate Eggs obviously, the best kind of egg.

It’s a Tuitti Fruitti Fruit Salad!
Tuesday 27th March 2018
In Class 2 our topic has been all about fruit from around the world, farm shops and healthy eating. To finish our topic and apply all of our maths learning on measurement and fractions, we weighed fruit in grams and kilograms and measured fruit juice in ml. After that we chopped up the fruit into halves and quarters.
The best part was definitely eating it, after all of our hard work.

Lambs say Baa, Cows say Moo.
Friday 23rd March 2018
On Friday 23rd March Pebworth First School were lucky to see the spring lambs entering the world. We timed it perfectly to watch the birth of a new lamb and we were able to see another lamb adopted over to a new mum.
The children asked lots of lovely questions and found out the lambs are only kept inside for 2 days after they are born, before they roam the fields for grass.
While we were at Little Meadows Farm we also saw the cows and their calves, they were very excited and clearly had a spring in their step.
What a lovely start to Spring!

Spring Chicken
Tuesday 27th March 2018
On 27th March, the whole school went up to St Peter’s Church at Pebworth. Class 3 led the service as usual performing songs on recorders, ukulele and hand bells while we all sang songs including our favourite: Spring Chicken.

Rev Scott
Monday 26th March 2018
On 26th March 2018, Rev Scott came to visit Pebworth First School to lead an assembly on Easter and being thankful.
Some of the things the children said that they were thankful for were when others are helpful (linking this to care which is one of our school values), for their parents, of course, for the great teachers, and for God’s love.

“Thank you, Reverend Scott for coming to visit us.”

Attendance w/e 23rd March
Friday 23rd March 2018
Class 1 - 83.3%, Class 2 - 96.2% Class 3 - 92% Well done, Class 2, you have Brian Cheesepuff this week!

Whole school attendance year to date: 94.1%

Onesies and PJ Day
Thursday 22nd March 2018
Yesterday, we wore onesies and pyjamas to school so that we could raise funds to buy an euphonium to add to our school brass band. Thank you everyone for your support; we raised an amazing £62 with a generous donation of £15 from one family.

Attendance w/e 16th March
Friday 16th March 2018
Class 1 - 72.2%
Class 2 - 91.5%
Class 3 - 94%

Whole school year to date: 94.2%

Golden tea time: Poppy, Chloe and Luca.

Wednesday 14th March 2018
On 14th March 2018, pupils from Class 3 went to the Redditch Central Mosque as part of their studies on Islam.

They were wowed by the huge chandelier under the dome roof where it echoed if you spoke. The different parts of the mosque (like the qiblah which is the wall facing Mecca that they pray towards) were made so much more real by actually seeing them, especially during the prayer time observed. The floors and walls were made of marble imported from China and Turkey. We took our shoes off when we entered the building; some children noticed that in certain places the tiled floor was heated.

The children were able to ask the Imam (Muslim spiritual leader) questions and also impressed him on the facts they had learnt about Islam like the five pillars. We also had opportunity to ask two ladies who teach children at the mosque Arabic and the Quran (holy book) questions. Unlike the men, the ladies do not have to pray at the mosque and this is why the ladies’ prayer hall was smaller than the men’s.

Zakat is one of the five pillars where Muslims believe you should give to charity. We certainly enjoyed their hospitality: crisps, chocolate and drinks they gave us!

As-Salaam-Alaikum (Peace be unto you.)

Attendance figures w/e 09/03/18
Friday 9th March 2018
Class 1 93.2%
Class 2 98.5%
Class 3 100% Brian Cheesepuff goes to Class 3 - well done, Class 3!

Whole school attendance since September 2017 94.6%

It's Shocking!
Wednesday 7th March 2018
On Wednesday 7th March, engineers from Western Power came to talk to Class 3 about safety regarding electricity. They explained that they were responsible for electricity getting safely to sub-stations and then to our homes.
We revised some of the information we learnt from our science lessons on electricity. We knew that we could get electric shocks and get burnt. Electricity tries to reach the ground. Did you know that electricity can pass through a person to make a circuit?
They explained that voltage could be the potential energy in a socket. George knew that there are 240 or 230 volts in an electric plug. Did you know it only takes 50 volts to potentially to kill you? We also developed our awareness of electricity safety in different scenarios in the environment. For example, if a metal column has been knocked down, we should not touch it.
Did you know a substation transforms 11,000 volts into lower voltage before electricity goes in to our homes? The high voltage can be put in cables underground or on wooden poles. Karma remembered that wood does not generally conduct electricity but when you have very high voltage, even a wooden stick could be conductive.
Class 3 enjoyed spotting the dangers in a picture as well as looked at PPE (personal protective equipment) like insulating wellies. If you are in a car, don’t get out if a power line has fallen but if you have to, you need to do so without making a circuit by jumping out with both feet together and shuffling away in tiny steps, otherwise there may be enough distance so that the electricity travels up one leg and down the other.
We learnt that if a ball goes into a substation, we need to phone Western Power by dialling 105 to retrieve the ball. If we can’t remember 105, we could phone 999.
There are yellow danger of death warning signs on electricity poles to deter people from climbing them. Sometimes, there is still electrical charge left in derelict buildings which could cause it to catch fire. So, we shouldn’t play in abandoned buildings.
We can call Western Power if there is a power cut. How can birds perch on power lines without getting electrocuted?

There was so much to learn!
Holly is wearing a helmet with a visor to protect her from burns from an explosion. Very fetching or is it shocking?!

Persuasive Big Write
Monday 5th March 2018
On March 5th, we held our whole school Big Write based on persuasive writing. We had to convince people to buy a robot using persuasive language and persuasive techniques. "To buy or not to buy" was the question. Most of the children were happy to buy the robot but we're not sure whether parents would agree given the expensive price!

We also celebrated a belated World Book Day whereby pupils and staff came dress up as characters from books.

Who are you?
Monday 5th March 2018
Today Class 2 enjoyed dressing up as some marvellous book characters for our World Book Day. Can you see some famous faces? While we were immerced in the land of books we enjoyed writing for our Big Write on the theme of robots. The children had to decide whether it would be better to have a robot teacher, luckily they said a real teacher is always better! Although, they soon realised they could have switched a robot teacher off!​

Diary Dates
Monday 5th March 2018
Wednesday 7th March - Western Power visit to speak to Class 3 regarding electricity safety.

Wednesday 14th March - Class 3 visit to Redditch mosque.

Thursday 22nd March - celebration assembly.

Friday 23rd March Whole school visit to Meadow Farm.

Monday 26th March - Rev Scott's Easter assembly to whole school.

Tuesday 27th March 11 am - Whole school visit to St Peter's church for Easter service led by Class 3.

Wednesday 28th March - last day before we break up for Easter. School starts back on Monday 16th April.

Fairtrade Fortnight
Monday 5th March 2018
On Thursday 1st March, Class 3 went to Blackminster to bake cakes to raise funds for the Fairtrade Foundation. We learnt about the importance of supporting farmers to get a fair wage so that they and their families can be helped out of poverty. We managed to sell some of our cakes that Thursday lunch time before the heavy snowfall and will sell the remainder of the cakes this coming Thursday 8th.

It was the first time that our Year 3 pupils had baked at Blackminster. They enjoyed using the cooking facilities and travelling in the minibus

Thank you very much Mrs Lamb for organising the cooking session for us and to Mr Anderson at Blackminster for allowing us to use his food technology room.


Well done, Pebworth, we raised £20 to donate to the Fairtrade Foundation to help make other people's lives better!

Fruit Frenzy!
Wednesday 28th February 2018
Today Class 2 visited Hillers Farm Shop. We looked at all of the different things sold in the Farm Shop, like fruit and vegetables, cheese, fish, meat and even cake!

While we were there we were learning about all the different places that fruit comes from. It was fantastic to find out that some fruits, like apples, are grown by Hillers in England. We were really interested in Honeydew Melons, because they come from Brazil, South America, which is our focus this term.

Attendance figures w/e 16/02/18
Friday 16th February 2018
Class 1: 75.3% Class 2: 81.4% Class 3: 97.3% Well done, Class 3!

Whole school year to date: 94.8%

Golden tea time: Nasir, Bella-Rose, Jack and TJ.

"Xin Nian Kuai Le!"
Friday 16th February 2018
On 16th February, Class 1 made red packets which contains (made up) money as this is what many Chinese children receive at Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year follows a lunar calendar; this year it fell on 15th February and it is the year of the Dog.
The children made and decorated a dog then wrote about the favourite part of the animal race story. They also role played in the Chinese Take Away scene in the classroom practising their social interaction skills and some basic money/maths skills. Chopsticks understandably proved to be a challenge!

Also, as part of the Chinese New Year studies, Class 3 learnt about the Red Lantern Festival. Did you know that these lanterns often hold riddles? They also practised singing a song in Mandarin. Although people traditionally wish each other good luck (Gung Hei Fat Choi), to say “Happy New Year”, it’s actually “Xin Nian Kuai Le”,


That's Not Fair!
Tuesday 13th February 2018
Today Class 2 made yummy fraction pizzas. This term we have been learning all about halves and quarters, so we applied our knowledge to making pizzas. First we covered the WHOLE base with tomato sauce, then we sprinkled cheese on the WHOLE pizza. After that, we chose a topping to put on HALF of our pizza and then we had to choose 2 toppings to put on each leftover QUARTER of the pizza. We had to be really careful to stay within each fractional part of the pizza. At last, we chopped up our yummy pizzas equally to show our friends and family that we can share our fractions fairly!

"Thank you for the music".. and brass instruments, Friends of Pebworth!
Sunday 11th February 2018
We would like to say a very, very, big thank you to the Friends, who have raised money to help the school purchase two E flat tenor horns for the 'Pebworth First School Brass Band'.

Pebworth First school want to give every child in KS2 the opportunity to learn to play a brass instrument and form a brass band, which hopefully will be up and running by the end of the summer term. However, we are a little way off this yet, as we do not have enough instruments for everyone and so the children have to share. As I'm sure you are probably aware, the cost of just one instrument is hundreds of pounds, so we are very grateful to the Friends for our latest purchases, as this brings us a step closer towards our goal. Look out for future fund raising events, where you can have the opportunity to help create the very first "Pebworth First School Brass Band". Many thanks for your kind support, Mrs Taylor.


Attendance figures w/e 09/02/18
Friday 9th February 2018
Class 1: 92.9%
Class 2: 91.4%
Class 3: 94.7%

Whole school attendance from 1st September: 95.3%

Golden tea time achievers: Hettie, Chloe, Orla and Finlay.

Diary Dates
Tuesday 6th February 2018
Thursday 15th February - Celebration Assembly 9:00 am
Wednesday 28th February - Class 2's visit to Hillers Farmshop
Thursday 1st March - Class 3 Fairtrade Baking at Blackminster then later the same day, cake sale with tea/coffee 3:00 pm to raise funds for the Fairtrade Foundation
Tuesday 6th March - Parents evening Class 1 from 3:30 pm to 5:15 pm, Class 2 and Class 3 from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm.

Attendance figures w/e 02/02/18
Friday 2nd February 2018
Class 1 : 95.3%
Class 2 : 95.7%
Class 3: 100% Brian Cheesepuff goes to Class 3! Well done, Class 3!

Whole school attendance since 1st Sept: 95.4%. Well done, Pebworth, let's keep improving!

Golden Time Achievers: Class 1 - Kamran, Class 2 - Chantelle, Class 3 - Cody and Karma!

Arts and Crafts
Tuesday 30th January 2018
Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts
Tuesday 30th January 2018
Arts and Crafts

Attendance figures w/e 26/01/18
Friday 26th January 2018
Class 1: 94% Class 2 : 95.2 % Class 3: 96.1 %

Whole school year to date: 95.3% A slight improvement from last week. We appreciate your support in getting your child/ren to school.

Well done to all 100% attendance children this week who will be coming home with their stickers today.

Celebration assembly awards went to: Kamran, Willow and George, Holly, Orla and Amelia.

Golden Tea Time: Abigail, Rupert and Kieran.

Friday 26th January 2018
Today, all the children at Pebworth School, had first aid training; a valuable life skill that could help save someone's life.

"HELP! is the magic word and "999" is the magic number but we learnt that 999 not only calls the usual emergency services but also the water service," related Karma

"I learnt how to do cpr," reported Luca.

Other skills learnt cover what do to stop a nose bleed, how to check if someone is breathing and how long you should hold a burnt finger under a cold tap.

Friday 19th January 2018
Attendance matters a lot as a child's attendance has a direct impact on the progress of your child's learning. So, we have a target to improve our school's attendance levels. Each week, we will be giving out 100% stickers for children who haven't missed any time from school that week.

We will also put the weekly attendance percentage for each class and for the school on our website to update parents. This means that Brian Cheesepuff, our beloved toy oselot, who is awarded to the class with the best attendance, will be much more mobile moving between classes.

% attendance to date from beginning of term 4th January:
Class 1 - 92%, Class 2 - 95.5%, Class 3 - 94.4%. Well done, Class 2!

Whole School Attendance: 94.3%

Our current whole school attendance target is to exceed 95%

We appreciate parents/carers' support to help encourage your child to come to school. Please send them into school if they are not too poorly, we will contact you if they take a turn for the worst.

Starting next week, there will be a weekly attendance update at the end of each week.

Au Revoir Mrs Hay
Tuesday 2nd January 2018
At the end of the autumn term, we said a fond farewell to Mrs Hay after 28 years of valuable service at Pebworth First School. Among her many talents, she has been our eco champion and forest school expert. The children sang a farewell song in which Mrs Taylor ably adapted words to review Mrs Hay’s time and contribution at Pebworth. It repeatedly brought tears to our eyes as we will miss her at school.

However, we don’t have to worry for it’s not a final goodbye; using the famous words, Mrs Hay can say, “I’ll be back” as she will be helping us still with forest school.

Enjoy your retirement, Mrs Hay but we’re glad we’ll still be seeing you.

A Bizarre Christmas Show
Monday 18th December 2017
On Wednesday 13th December 2017, Pebworth First School presented our Christmas production: “A Bizarre Christmas Show”. It was bizarre as we had items ranging from traditional pieces like ‘Good King Wenceslas’ , ‘Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer’ to pop songs like ‘Step into Christmas’.
Besides writing our own dialogue, performing our own choreography dressed as reindeers or snowflakes, we also played brass instruments and recorders. It was quite a feat too ensuring we did our speedy costume changes in time for our next scenes.
Mrs Hay, Mrs Tomes together with one of our parents, Claire Brown, did a sterling job making costumes so that we could really enter into the spirit of the play while Mrs Taylor was the imaginative mastermind behind the whole production.
Our Friends of Pebworth worked hard organising raffles, tombolas and refreshments which raised an outstanding £472.70! They have been providing invaluable funds to support our trips and educational resources.
Last, but not least, the children were fantastic in rising to the challenge of performing this complex and original show. Well done, Pebworth!

Smart Trees
Monday 4th December 2017
On the 4th December, Class One went to Smart Trees. The children read maps to find the 12 Days of Christmas and at each station there was an activity to take part in, focusing on various aspects of the EYFS curriculum. Afterwards, the children went to see the reindeer and Santa. Santa gave the children a lovely present. The children had lunch in a big barn and then had fun playing in the park and in the maze. It was a very tiring day, walking through the mud, in a big field and playing in the park.

PC Lee visits
Tuesday 7th November 2017
On the 7th November, PC Lee visited Class One to talk about the role of a police officer. The children asked him lots of questions and got to try on hats and clothes. One child was even in handcuffs! As an extra special treat, PC Lee showed the children his police car and he even put on the flashing blue lights and the siren. Hold those ears. They are very LOUD!

Useful Online Learning Websites
Tuesday 5th December 2017
Thank you to the parents who came into school last Friday to observe and learn how your child/ren log on to the learning websites we use at school. Below are the web addresses so that you can bookmark them for your children to use at home:

Education City https://ec1.educationcity.com/ (covers maths, literacy, science and French)

Bug Club https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk/login?c=0 (covers literacy: a range of ebooks and phonics). You need to type in "pefi" in the third box.

Each child has their own logon which they should already have, if unsure, please ask their class teacher for logon details.

Fun Fund-Raising!
Sunday 19th November 2017
On Friday 17th November 2017, Pebworth celebrated Children in Need by coming to school in non-uniform, holding a bake sale and enjoying an afternoon of games.
We also developed literacy skills writing about Children in Need and enjoyed helping children who are less fortunate than ourselves.
We raised a whopping £128.55! Well done, Pebworth!

Children in Need on Friday 17th November
Friday 10th November 2017
Non-uniform day (50p to £1) wear something spotty or something "Pudseyish" for Children in Need day. It will be a fund-raising day: please save your pennies (or old pound coins) to cover Pudsey and other Pudsey related games. So please allow your children to bring in spending money for games. Parents and families are invited to come in after school to buy cakes and a cup of tea or coffee.

Mrs Tomes is running a duck sweepstake for the Children in Need at £1 each - lucky winner wins £5.

Community Lunch
Friday 10th November 2017
Over a period of three days (Wed 8th to Friday 10th November), all classes at Pebworth School cooked in preparation for the community lunch on Friday 10th. We invited members of the Pebworth in Bloom Committee to say thank you for their support. Some of the things they helped us with included getting our poly tunnel which enables us to grow food even when the weather is not good.

Class 3 used tomatoes, peppers, onions and chilli peppers grown in our school garden. Mrs Lamb explained how hot the chilli peppers, were as well as reminded us of hygiene and safe cutting skills.

Other items on the menu were beetroot bread and spiced apple cake (using beetroot and apples from our school garden).

A huge thank you to Mrs Lamb for helping us grow and cook food at school.

Blue Cross - animal charity
Thursday 9th November 2017
On 9th November, Jason from Blue Cross charity to chat about animals they look after: dogs, cats, horses, mice and hamsters.
He taught us about how to keep our pets happy, healthy and safe.
We learnt about the right types of food for dogs. Did you know cat food is too high in meat and salt content for dogs? Did you know that sunflower seeds can be toxic to dogs?
We learnt the difference between hay and straw. Do you know? The first is nutritious for animals like horses.
What would happen to a dog’s teeth and tummy if he has too many treats?
Did you know rabbits would like a sandpit to dig in?
We played charades; it was amusing to see Kieran imitating a dog peeing on our visitor!
Did you know cats shed their nails and so they need to scratch?
We were able to ask lots of questions about our pets.

Diary Dates
Friday 3rd November 2017
Monday 6th November - Parents evening

Friday 17th November - Children in Need.

Friday 24th November - TED - no school for children.

Monday 11th December - Christmas play dress rehearsal (time tbc)

Tuesday 12th December - School Carol Service at 11 am at St Peter's Church, Pebworth.

Wednesday 13th December - afternoon and evening Christmas play performances. (times tbc)

Thursday 14th December - Christmas panto at Redditch.

Making Sounds
Friday 3rd November 2017
On Friday 3rd November 2017, Class 3 went to Blackminster to enjoy a science lesson on the topic of sound led by Mrs Button.
We enjoyed a range of practical investigations which explored pitch and volume, as well as blew vuvuzelas to read the decibel readings on data loggers. The highest reading was around 110 dB!

Vicar Visit
Monday 30th October 2017
On Monday 30th October 2017, Reverend Scott Watts visited Pebworth School.
The children asked interesting questions such as why Rev Scott chose to become a vicar. They learnt that some of the duties a vicar performs are conduct marriages and christenings, prays, and in Rev Scott’s case, looks after 6 local churches!

Harvest Festival Celebration
Friday 20th October 2017
On Tuesday 17th October 2017, Pebworth First School celebrated our Harvest Festival. We enjoyed a range of musical performances including an impressive soundscape of sounds heard at the sea. One parent commented that the quality was so high that it could have been a musical piece heard on the television!Thank you to all parents and children who generously brought in tinned food, fruit and vegetables. The food was donated to the HFT at Bidford-upon-Avon which is an organisation that supports people with learning disabilities.


Spanish Delight?
Friday 20th October 2017
On Friday 13th October 2017, Class 3 went to explore different types of food that come from Spain which included: tomatoes, peppers, salami, lemons, oranges, limes and pomegranates.

As you can see, some of the citrus fruit was rather sour!


Eco School Council
Friday 6th October 2017
Today, the school held an Eco School Council assembly. Next week, children will be preparing speeches to be elected as councillors for their classes.

Commended for our third Green Flag and for achieving gold in the Heart of England in Bloom Schools Award.
Tuesday 3rd October 2017
On Saturday 30th September 2017, we were commended for the achievement of our third Green Eco Flag. We furthermore achieved a gold level for our Heart of England in Bloom Schools Award which was presented by Robin Russell.

Thank you to Mrs Hay and Mrs Lamb for their tremendous hard work in helping us get this award.

Comments given included: "The welcome and enthusiasm of the children was mirrored by the planting which is well maintained and a riot of colour. The children's workbooks were on display to show how the grounds are used to the full in the curriculum."

Grand Opening Defibrillator and Piper
Tuesday 3rd October 2017
On Saturday 30th September 2017, Pebworth First School joined the village at the grand opening of the defibrillator in the red phone kiosk and the garden/bench area (which has been named “Piper’s Corner”) by our local MP, Nigel Huddleston.


Manor House Outdoor Learning
Friday 29th September 2017
On Friday 29th September 2017, the whole school went to the Manor House in Pebworth.
Some of the activities we did were: collect conkers and pine cones, looked at a rookery and the older children also did some map-reading. Kieran and Finlay measured the circumference of the Wellingtonia tree at 25 foot 10 inches. We used this measurement to estimate its age. We also used pictures taken to develop descriptive writing.

Pebworth in the Park
Thursday 21st September 2017
On Sunday 10th September, Pebworth School took part in the Pebworth in the Park at the village park. We sang a couple songs, performed on the recorders in harmony parts and a pupil performed as part of a brass trio.

The children enjoyed performing in front of a different audience.

Congratulations - Green Flag Award
Friday 21st July 2017
Great news! On 18th July, we were very proud to have been awarded our third Eco Green Flag award.

We are one of 51,000 eco-schools across 64 countries. This is not only the largest environmental programme in the world but also the largest educational programme in the world too.

Thank you to Mrs Hay for co-ordinating all the information needed and well done to everyone at school because we have all played an important part in getting our Eco Green Flag award.

Musical Delight!
Thursday 20th July 2017
On 19th July 2017, Class 3 went to our federation middle school at Blackminster. They performed to an audience of about 250 people. Some of the children expressed they were nervous at first but then enjoyed it.
They performed recorders pieces in part harmony, a couple of brass quartet pieces and ended with a wonderful rendition of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme tune on hand bells.The older students at Blackminster, along with the staff, were wowed by their performance. Well done, Class 3 – we are so proud of you all!

Forest School Camp Fire
Thursday 20th July 2017
On 19th July, the whole of Pebworth First School went to forest school to have our annual end of year camp fire forest school. Several parents joined us and engaged in den-building, bug-hunting and toasting marshmallows and tea cakes over the fire. We listened to a story about a stickman and then made our own stickmen (or stickwoman). Everyone enjoyed it!

Thursday 20th July 2017
On 11th July, Class 3 harvested the produce they had sown and grown in our school garden. They practised their weighing, following instructions and working together skills. The food was delicious, as usual: the menu included garlic bread, blackcurrant coulis, lavender biscuits, broad bean pasta salad, potato, spinach and cheddar frittata.

Thanks to Mrs Tracey Lamb for organising all the gardening and cooking learning.

The best skill practised was our eating skills!

Tuesday 11th July 2017
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“Roll up, roll up the circus is in town!”
Wednesday 5th July 2017
On Wednesday 5th July, Reception and Year 1 attended the Early Years Music Festival at Badsey First School.Dressed for the occasion (including Mrs Redgewell (mime artist) and Mrs Taylor (clown)), the children were excited and thrilled to join in with circus antics and music making with six other first schools. There they met Mrs Snickers (who’d lost her knickers) and Smarty, who joyfully led the proceedings with songs such as ‘Nellie the elephant’ and ‘I went to the Animal Fair’. Lots of fun was had by all!

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse!
Friday 7th July 2017
On 7th July, Class 3 visited Envirosort which is a recycling plant near Worcester. We enjoyed some fun activities, such as sorting recycled materials into paper, steel, aluminium, cardboard and glass piles using a range of tools: magnet, electrical circuit set, hand shaped fly swats instead of using our hands. This demonstrated how hard it was to separate different materials cleanly into different piles at the recycling plant.
We particularly enjoyed making our own sheet of paper from recycled paper.
It was fun problem-solving activities which involved working together skills and applying science and eco knowledge & understanding.
Did you know that black plastic lids have usually been recycled many times before which make them really difficult to recycle again?
Did you know that you can't recycle plastic carrier bags in your green bins at home but you can take it, as well as plastic bread bags, to your local supermarket for recycling?
If you scrunch a plastic wrapper (like crisps or chocolate wrappers) and it crinkles, then you can't recycle it.
We learnt lots of new recycling facts even though we are already pretty good at recycling at Pebworth School.

Happy Eating!
Thursday 6th July 2017
On 6th July, Classes 1 and 3 went to Tesco as part of the Farm to Fork trail project. They looked at where different fruit came from and looked at the countries on a world map. They also compared the prices of tinned, fresh and frozen raspberries and mangoes, then sampled them. Even the teachers couldn’t tell which was the fresh and which was the frozen mango!
Visiting the chilled and frozen storage areas behind the shop floor was quite a “chilly” experience! They asked questions like where the Tesco depot was from which the Evesham store got their food and spotted the cornetto ice cream in frozen storage. So at least they didn’t get ‘brain freeze’, even if a few pairs of glasses got misted over in the cold! Claire from Tesco commented that Pebworth were the most enthusiastic school that visit their store; our children just love eating!


Eco Day
Friday 23rd June 2017
On Friday 23rd June, we had an “Eco Day” at school where we engaged in activities that did not involve the use of electricity. We enjoyed art, pond dipping, weeding, baking (without electricity of course) and bug hunting. We also had a picnic lunch outside in our school field. One of the best parts was the eating of the cakes we baked at the end of the day!


Big Write Dragonory
Tuesday 27th June 2017
On Monday 26th June, we had another whole school Big Write. This time it was about a dragon who is unusually small but demands money from anyone who tries to cross his bridge! Follow up writing included descriptive language, alliteration and poetry writing using prepositional phrases.

Eco Day
Tuesday 27th June 2017
On 23rd June, we had an “Eco Day” at school where we engaged in activities that did not involve the use of electricity. We enjoyed art, pond dipping, weeding, baking (without electricity of course) and bug hunting. We also had a picnic lunch outside in our school field. One of the best parts was the eating of the cakes we baked at the end of the day!

Latest Newsletter - 13th June 2017
Tuesday 13th June 2017
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Big Sing 2017
Tuesday 13th June 2017
On Monday 12th June 2017, Class 3 went to Worcester University to take part in a Big Sing event. They joined about 1,500 children from schools across the county to sing songs which included ones from musicals: ‘Chim, Chiminey’ from Mary Poppins, ‘We Go Together’ from Grease, ‘Tale As Old as Time’ from Beauty and the Beast as well as ‘Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah’ from Song of the South.
We learnt how to refine our singing in terms of breathing, phrasing, and to recognise hand signals, such as when to stop singing a word collectively. We also sang in parts and performed accompanying fun actions like ‘dabbing’.

Music Alive!
Wednesday 7th June 2017
Pupils from Class 3 went to Symphony Hall today to hear the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra play live. They performed music from different parts of the British Isles and from different ages: Water Music by George Frederick Handel to modern popular tunes like Hedwig's theme from Harry Potter or the theme tune for Mr Bean and Wallace & Gromit. Our children could identify not just the four families of orchestra instruments but also particular instruments such as the trombone or cello. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves as the event enriched their musical learning and experience.

Food Groups and Plants
Monday 5th June 2017
Last term classes One and Two have had great fun learning all about healthy eating and the different types of food groups. This term they enjoyed making chocolate covered apples in design and technology by melting chocolate and sprinkling them with treats.

In science this term class Two are learning to identify and name a variety of common, wild, garden and flowering plants. They have been describing how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants and investigating how plants need water, light and a suitable temperature to grow and stay healthy.



Pond dipping
Friday 26th May 2017
Pebworth First School had a great day pond-dipping today. There was plenty of fun learning: eco - looking at elm trees and the disease that has affected so many of them; science - identifying a wide range of plants and discussing seeds and life cycle of plants; maths with estimation of height then measuring heights and spans as well as converting between m and cm, art in careful observational drawing of plants and literacy skills in writing up our outdoor learning whilst out in the meadow.

Friday 19th May 2017
Class 3 went bell-boating today to develop their paddling and teamwork skills. It was fun watching the water move in the lock to enable us to flow up and down stream. While waiting in the lock, Dylan asked us to estimate the height of an extremely tall fir tree in the distance. While Mrs Iliffe estimated in feet, Dylan estimated in metres - perhaps this illustrates how people from different generations see things, as well as Dylan's attentiveness in maths lessons. It was also Dylan who spotted a rare kingfisher - good observational skills. Well done Dylan, you made Mrs Tomes' day!

Creative song writing
Thursday 18th May 2017
Today, at music club, GH and KH were working together to compose a song. They used the keyboard to compose the melody exploring the elements of pitch and rhythm.

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Chatterbooks Library Visit
Friday 29th January 2016
Great idea to take children to Evesham Library and lovely that some of them bought along their application forms to join the library. Those children with library cards were able to choose books to take home.
Our children were completely engaged in the super activities put on by Evesham Library staff. They had to find books about particular topics to help them to be familiar in how to use a library.

Rocket Science
Friday 29th January 2016
We are signed up to take part in a national plant investigation project. Read on!

Rocket Science is centred around a UK wide practical schools’ experiment. This experiment is a fun interactive way to get students thinking about how plants might grow in space. It will help them understand the difficulties of living, growing and eating in space.

Two kilograms of rocket seed travelled from Baikonur, Kazakhstan on the Soyuz 44S Rocket to the ISS. The seeds will be stored on the ISS for six months before returning to Earth in Spring 2016. The seeds will be sent to 10,000 UK schools and grown alongside seeds that have not been to space to see if there are any differences in growth. Schools will not know which seeds have been to space and which have remained on Earth. The experiment will run for a period of 35 days, during which time students will collect and record data from the seedlings’ growth. At the conclusion of the experiment, schools will enter their results into a database and the results will be published.

You can be part of this by encouraging your child to watch or listen to news about Tim Peake and the Space Station.

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Latest Newsletter - 16th December 2015
Wednesday 16th December 2015
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Our Site Manager gives up his time to help a worthy cause
Thursday 10th December 2015
Last weekend, the federation’s site manager, Rob and two of his sons volunteered their time and skills to work on the BBC’s DIY SOS Big Build. The project was to build an extension and renovate the home of a family with a sick child in Bidford-on Avon. There were approximately 100 volunteers including skilled tradesmen, willing amateurs and local residents who provided refreshments. Rob and his sons worked on the facsia boards and guttering.

Rob says ‘What a great atmosphere there was with everyone ‘mucking in’. I was happy to be able to give something back to the local community and this is a very worthy cause’.

Everyone in school is very proud of Rob. Be sure to watch when the programme is broadcast in February 2016

Latest Newsletter - 27th November 2015
Friday 27th November 2015
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Pebworth First School Friends Update
Thursday 26th November 2015
After a well attended Parent Voice/Friends meeting yesterday, we have changed our end of term dates to enable our Friends to continue.

Please download the attached document.

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Friday 13th November 2015
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Latest Newsletter - 23rd October 2015
Friday 23rd October 2015
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Latest Newsletter - 9th October 2015
Friday 9th October 2015
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Pebworth does the Double!
Tuesday 6th October 2015
So proud that we have been awarded a Gold in the RHS Schools in Bloom as well as having our Eco Green Flag and status renewed.

Special Guests at Merit Assembly
Friday 2nd October 2015
Exciting news being announced today at 2.45 during our celebration Merit Assembly.
Children will also find out....What is in the Box?
Join us to share and help celebrate all our successes!

Latest Newsletter - 25th September 2015
Friday 25th September 2015
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Latest Newsletter - September 2015
Friday 11th September 2015
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Back to school at Pebworth.
Sunday 6th September 2015
Hope to see you all back in school on September 7th at 8.55am.

Celebrating our talented children!
Saturday 1st August 2015
Following a week of creating art, pupils of Pebworth First School put their creations on display for their parents, and anyone else with an interest in art, to cast their eyes over.

There was an array of different artistic styles on display including ceramics, clay models, canvas paintings, acrylic created art, mosaics, photography, still-life sketching and more. More than 50 people visited the exhibition, and parents even took up the offer of buying their children's work.

School leader, Zoe Nosworthy, said: "It was a great success, we are so lucky to have such a talented lead teacher in Art who planned and enabled all staff to offer ambitious projects for the children to participate in. Parents were blown away by the quality and standard of work, from our youngest children upwards."

The exhibition was the culmination of a week's work, in which two artists, one also an art teacher at our sister school, Blackminster, visited the children to teach them the techniques. The results are stunning!

Help for parents with Social Media
Thursday 30th July 2015
New website http://www.net-aware.org.uk/#.VbdzvBig3q0.twitter
that allows parents and carers to learn more about the social media sites their children are interested in using.
Interesting and incredibly useful stuff!

Pebworth winning flags a-flutter in the run up to Evesham
Saturday 25th July 2015
Next time you visit Evesham, remember to look up! Winning flags from Battle of Evesham's competition to design a flag that represents Evesham's character, culture or heritage, are now flying above the streets in the run up to the 750th anniversary of the Battle of Evesham. Caitlin's (Y3) and Alex's (Y5) winning designs are two of seven selected from youngsters of participating schools across the Vale. Both children were proud and delighted to see their flags duplicated around the town. It's believed there are up to eight copies of each design; how many can you find?

Flags will be on show above the town for the duration of the August Battle Festival which begins on 1st August with a memorial event in the Abbey Park at the place believed to be Simon de Montfort's grave. The main events take place over the weekend of 8th-9th August with re-enactments and displays of Medieval battle prowess throughout the weekend.

Don't forget to look for Caitlin's and Alex's fab designs!

Pebworth proud of our former students - success at Blackminster!
Monday 20th July 2015
Students’ talents and achievements were recognised across the curriculum in each year group, with Year 8 students receiving school cups for their contribution to all aspects of their school life.

Parents were also entertained by the musical talents of Liam Clear, Amy Grove, Blackminster’s Show Choir and the Blackminster Brass Band.

Executive headteacher, Lorna Button, spoke to students about the importance of middle schools, citing their role in preparing young people for their next steps towards GCSEs and A levels as an important stage between their smaller village schools and high schools or secondary comprehensive education.

She said: “Children come to us with a great grounding from their village school but ready to experience a wider range of experiences and teaching.

"Opportunities to take on leadership roles, participate in school sports teams and take part in a wide range of school community activities are all part of the middle school experience. Certainly offering far more than just end of keystage SATs. We see our students grow into broad, balanced people, participating to the rich school life with enthusiasm and confidence and a willingness to take on responsibilities. I don’t think secondary schools can offer so much, so early.”

Blackminster is federated with Pebworth First School, one of seven feeder village schools.

July 2015 Newsletter - Final Edition for Academic Year
Friday 17th July 2015
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Latest Newsletter - July 2015
Sunday 5th July 2015
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Latest Newsletter - 19th June
Friday 19th June 2015
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Latest Newsletter - 5th June
Friday 5th June 2015
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Latest Newsletter - 8th May
Friday 8th May 2015
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Friday 24th April 2015
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Federation takes delivery of new minibus
Wednesday 15th April 2015
There was great excitement in school today when our brand new minibus was delivered. The minibus will be well used by the Federation to transport pupils from Pebworth and other first schools to take part in activities at Blackminster as well as enabling students from both schools to participate in extra-curricular and enrichment activities.

Community spirit at the heart of Pebworth school
Friday 27th March 2015
THE village school of Pebworth has hosted a special community lunch this week welcoming people from the village to enjoy food prepared and served by the pupils.

People from Pebworth, who support the school, past and present came along to the lunch where the Year 5 pupils served up the food the school children had created.

For the full story and photos, follow the link.

Sun Shines on a Solar Future
Sunday 28th September 2014
Solar panels were installed on the roof of the Nursery at the end of July. Cheap electricity from panels paid for by the money they are saving. Children are learning from the easy to understand screens that show how much electricity is being generated and how much money has been made from selling back to the National Grid. Another great example of why we are a successful Eco-school.

Click on the link to see our press release.

Heart of England in Bloom School Grounds Awards
Sunday 28th September 2014
Pebworth First School has been awarded Silver Gilt for our first entry into this prestigious competition.
This means we scored 75-84%.
This is given to an entrant who has met the judging criteria and objectives with a very high standard throughout, and has in one or more areas been exceptionally thorough. This award is considered to be a potential Gold award winner in the future.
Our feedback from the Judge included these words:
"The judge was particularly impressed by:
* We were shown through the School being shown the work connected with the gardening displayed on the walls.
* The little ones garden with over flowing beds full of vibrate colour.
* The Food growing area where the children explained what had been grown and saw the well used compost bins.
* The pond and wildlife area used to teach the children now much we need to work with nature to benefit us all.
Well done for a good all round School."
We are all delighted that our first entry has been so successful. Congratulations and thanks go to all the children who have worked so hard; to Mrs Lamb, Mrs Hay and their team of parents who made sure that we were well prepared and ready when the judges arrived.