Welcome to Pebworth First School, in federation with Blackminster Middle School. I am confident that you won’t find a more caring or friendly little school than ours. More importantly, our class and group sizes are small and this allows our teachers to focus on the most effective ways for children to learn. Everything we do is based on the best educational practices from here and abroad. Schools are quite rightly changing all around the world as educators try to help children prepare for a very different world than we had in the 20th century. Pebworth teachers are determined to give our children the best possible start to their education in this changing environment.

However, we believe that learning to read critically and learning to use and understand numbers effectively are still the bedrock on which so much learning depends. At Pebworth, we have a history of excellent results in helping children learn these basics.

You’ll find a warm welcome at the front door… though we might not always be in! Learning takes place in all sorts of places, so we may be at our Forest School nearby, or learning out in the field behind the school, or at the local farm, or at our sister school Blackminster Middle, or at the Village Hall, or … anywhere we can learn!

Don't just take my word for it, come and see for yourself. At Pebworth, any day is open day! Do call in to see us at work and play. You will always be most welcome and Mrs Reynolds (School Leader) and I, look forward to meeting you.

Lorna Button,
Executive Headteacher.