Friends of Pebworth
Who are the Friends?
The Friends are a group of parents of children at Pebworth First School, who get together to raise money, and to organise enriching events to benefit all children at the school. In the last year alone The Friends have raised an incredible £1500 for pupils of Pebworth First School.

Fundraising events include a Halloween Disco, refreshments, photo sale and a raffle at our school Christmas Play in the Village Hall, an Easter Chocolate Bingo night, a 6K Fun Run around the village and our regular cake sales. We try to arrange events which are affordable for everyone to take part in, while providing a fun experience for the children, and raising valuable extra cash for the school.

We also arrange non-fundraising events, such as a bring and share Christmas lunch, and we provide the children’s refreshments at school events, such as Sports Day.

Join Us!
The Friends are all volunteers. We rely on new members to bring fresh ideas and extra hands to continue our work. Our committee is a small, informal, friendly group, which usually meets once or twice per half term.

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in joining the committee, helping out with events, or making suggestions for fundraisers.

Q. If I volunteer, will it be time-consuming?
A. It doesn’t need to be! We’d love to hear from you if you can offer help for an hour or two at a one-off event, or if you want to attend every meeting and become a very active member of the committee. Any time you can offer is valued and appreciated.

Q. Will it cost me anything to volunteer?
A. No. Your time, ideas and energy are what we need. Being a Friend is not about who provides the biggest raffle prizes, or can donate most money!

Q. What can I offer the Friends?
A. People can help in various ways. You could, for example:
• Come up with ideas for events
• Help out at an event
• Make a cake for one of our sales
• Distribute flyers to publicise events
• Take on one of the committee roles

Everyone has something to contribute.

Q. I don’t know anyone on the committee. Will I feel like an outsider?
A. We certainly hope not! Being on the committee is open to all parents. Some of us work, others are stay at home parents, some are from Pebworth, others are from the surrounding area, etc. You will be welcomed, and will quickly get to know us.

Q. Why should I get involved?
A. Schools can always benefit from extra funds, and any money we raise goes to benefit all the children at Pebworth First School.

Q. I can’t volunteer, but can I still help?
A. Yes. By buying a cake at one of our sales, bringing your child to one of our events, or donating a raffle prize, you are helping us to raise money for the school, which is fantastic!