Ethos & Values
The ethos of Pebworth First School is based upon the following aims and values:
• We aim to create a safe, secure and happy environment within which all our children develop a strong sense of self-worth and confidence.
• We aim to develop responsibility and respect and we expect the highest standards of effort and behaviour. We encourage children to learn and live by these values: Care, Respect, Aim High, Work Together and Resilience.
• We are a caring and understanding school, valuing individual needs, personalities and learning styles and we aim to provide equality of opportunity for all children.
• We encourage children to develop to the full emotionally and socially, as well as achieving personal excellence academically and so fulfilling their potential. We aim to ensure that all children develop positive attitudes to learning.
• We want children to enjoy school and have fun. We aim to provide stimulating, memorable and high impact learning experiences.
• We aim to challenge children and we encourage them to deal positively with challenges and difficulties.
• We expect all children to leave us with a good start in life, ready to be successful in the next phase of their education.
• At Pebworth First School, everyone has the right to be happy.

Our Aims and Values – Principles of Effective Learning

At Pebworth First School, we pledge that children’s learning will…

• Challenge them to take risks and push themselves to do things that they didn’t think they could do
• Let them share their learning with authentic audiences
• Include creative, open-ended and playful projects
• Make them feel proud as we celebrate their successes and achievements
• Be rich in first hand experiences
• Engage them in real and purposeful problems, enquiries and productions
• Recognise that they need time to follow their interests and find out more

Effective Learners (PDF Document)