Pebworth offers a rich and diverse musical education where every child is given the chance to perform and have a go whether it be in the school choir, the recorder ensemble groups, ukulele/ keyboard club, or a team player in the hand-bell ensemble. As children progress through the school they also have a further opportunity to learn to play a brass instrument and can join the ‘Pebworth First School Brass Band’.
The choir has many opportunities to sing either as a whole or in parts, rounds or a capella which can be seen throughout the year during Celebration Assemblies or in St. Peter’s church during our Harvest, Christmas and Easter services. Our choir featured in our Summer Music Concert 2018, with great success.

KS2 regularly participate in the ‘Big Sing’ event which takes place every year at the University of Worcester, where they join forces with about 1500 pupils from other schools across the county to sing with a live professional band. Last year, our year 5 students performed with the band, playing their trombones as part of a brass ensemble and this was a tremendous experience for all.

Every child can chose to have a go at learning the recorder, where they will learn to gradually read notation in the treble clef and develop a good recorder technique. There are several recorder groups which come together to play a wide variety of music in ensembles and they are key performers in our Harvest, Christmas and Easter performances.

Hand-bells are a much loved favourite, particularly at Christmas and opportunities are given within music lessons for students to have a go at playing together. This year our hand-bells have been invited to perform at the Pebworth ‘Winter Warmer’ with the Pebworth Village Choir.
In the summer of 2018 we were proud to announce the launch of the ‘Pebworth First School Brass Band’ which featured for the first time in the Summer Music Concert.

The Brass Band are currently working on pieces for our traditional Christmas Carol concert where they will perform, with the Pebworth Village Choir, in the village hall.

Students at Pebworth are fortunate to have access to several brass teachers who support their learning (including Rev Scott and members of Bretforton Silver Band). There are opportunities to learn the cornet, Eb horn, trombone and euphonium which take place in small groups, once a week. For those children who want to continue playing a brass instrument after they leave Pebworth, brass tuition can continue at Blackminster Middle School and this in turn gives the opportunity to join the school brass band as well as the local training band, Bret Set Go, should they wish.