At Pebworth, we are blessed to have our own kitchen garden which is comprised of several earth plots and a couple of raised beds. We grow food from seed which we sow in pots kept in our poly tunnel. At the correct time, we transfer the seedlings to the earth plots and raised beds and tend to the plants until they are ready to be harvested and cooked. The best part is the eating! Class 3 have invited members of the community (such as Pebworth in Bloom) or school helpers to partake of the delicious home grown and cooked lunch. We have also been fortunate enough to receive funds from Pebworth in the Park group to improve the safety of the slabbing area in our school garden area.

Furthermore, we develop learning across the curriculum :our maths skills in the garden, exploring perimeter and area in calculating the amount of fertiliser required; we also develop science skills studying germination and plant growth. One year, as part of our Tudor history studies, we planted herbs that would have been grown in a Tudor garden and compared our garden with the one seen at Mary Arden's house.

Each year, we run a plant (eg sunflower or tomato) growing competition when each child takes part and the winner receives an award in the end of year assembly.

We've also been awarded a Schools in Bloom Gold Award again in 2019!