About Pebworth First School
Pebworth First School is a small, village school where we aim to equip children with all the skills they need to thrive into adulthood. We foster a caring environment where every child is supported to achieve and successes are celebrated along the way. We offer small class sizes where every child has the chance to shine and teach in small groups so that pupils can really master the fundamentals of reading, writing and mathematics and apply these across the curriculum through a range of exciting learning projects.

We work in federation with Blackminster Middle School and Mrs Button, our Executive Headteacher, leads both schools. Pebworth children are incredibly lucky to benefit from the use of Blackminster's excellent facilities, specialist teaching staff and to work with a wide range of children. We also have a federation minibus meaning we can get out and about, exploring our local area regularly. At the end of Year 5, Pebworth pupils are well prepared to move onto Year 6 at Blackminster Middle School and succeed through Key Stage 3.

Music is a big part of life at Pebworth. We have our own brass band, recorder ensemble and handbell players. We perform regularly and hope that you can see one of our showcases soon.

Mrs Reynolds is our School Leader and would love to welcome you for a visit to see the wonderful things we get up to first hand.