About Pebworth First School
Pebworth First School is part of a Federation of schools. We share a Headteacher with Blackminster Middle School where most of our children move onto after completing Year 5. In truth, we share lots of things, all aimed at making learning the very best it can be at both schools.

Pebworth is currently a small village school with thirty-nine pupils. We organise children into three classes, with each classes being a mix of year groups. However, these classes are often split again so that we can help children learn to read, use numbers and write…in very small groups. We also give children lots of opportunities to learn in larger groups and encourage older children to support the younger children as much as possible. That kind of reciprocal learning is very important to us.

We will teach your children all about the world around them and do so in a variety of ways, always hoping to challenge pupils and to help them become critical thinkers. However, the world your children will grow into is demanding that young people are also; great communicators, co-operative with colleagues, full of initiative, resilient and creative. When children leave Pebworth at the end of Year 5 that is what we hope we have helped children become.