Forest School
Trees - Wednesday 5th June 2019
On Wednesday Class One went to Forest School to look at trees. Mrs Hay was very knowledgeable about trees and told us the names of many, we remembered the oak and the ash tree by looking at their leaves. We all touched and felt the bark of the tree and tried to put our arms all the way round.
On the way there we walked through a field full of buttercups and sat looking up at the sky to see the insects busy overhead. There were many bees and other insects crawling around closer to the ground.
The forest was full of trees, we walked through them finding as many different ones we could. Mrs Hay showed us a cherry tree, silver birch tree, lime tree and a poplar tree. Some of the names are hard to remember. When we got there we all did some bark rubbings with crayons. We found and matched leaves from each tree and stuck them with our rubbings. Some of us decided to go bug collecting, whilst others decided they wanted to do some digging or make a den. We had such a lovely time in the forest and hope that next time we can do some more den building. Thank you Mrs Hay.
Bird Watching - Wednesday 30th January
Today we had a wonderful time bird watching with Mrs Hay. We identified different types of birds and counted how many we saw of each type outside in the grounds and around Pebworth. It was a very cold but bright day but good for spotting birds. We saw lots of jackdaws and robins and even heard a woodpecker but couldn’t see where he was. Mrs Hay told us about the field fare’s that come over from Russia, they were everywhere and too many to count.
When we came back we collected materials to make nests. We used hessian, twigs and leaves and wound then into nest shapes. We chose where to place them hoping some birds might use them or the materials to make their own.

Our most recent Forest School submitted by Mrs Hay:
On 25th May it was to be our Forest School morning. Unfortunately the rain was too heavy to venture out.The children spent part of the morning using their creative writing skills to put together personal letters of thanks to The Lyall family, whose forest we are lucky to use for our sessions. The children also put their observational skills to work to draw and name a selection of leaves from native trees and wildflowers collected by Mrs Hay whilst walking back from the forest in the rain earlier!

Later in the day, the rain eased. With all the children dressed from head to toe in waterproofs, we ventured out along footpaths and stiles,to explore the forest,learning old country weather forecasting methods, identifying bird songs, trees and wildflowers on the way.

It was fun finding our way as we walked through the Cow Parsley which was way taller than the children; they said it was like ‘froth and lace’. The main attraction was to see how many snails the children could spot climbing up the smooth bark of the Ash trees to reach the tasty fresh leaves at the top. After refreshment, we found an alternative path out of the forest and ran over the buttercup fields back to school just in time for home time.