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Welcome to Pebworth First School, in federation with Blackminster Middle School. I am confident that you won't find a more caring or friendly little school than ours. More importantly, our class and group sizes are small and this allows our teachers to focus on the most effective ways for children to learn. Everything we do is based on the best educational practices from here and abroad. Schools are quite rightly changing all around the world as educators try to help children prepare for a very different world than we had in the 20th century. Pebworth teachers are determined to give our children the best possible start...
Latest News
  • 19th April 2018
    FortniteBattleRoyale Sweeping the nation
    National Online Safety Guide has been released for parents regarding the Online game FortniteBattleRoyale.

    Our guide informs ...
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  • 28th March 2018
    It’s beginning to look a lot like Easter!
    Today Class 2 were waiting for the Easter Bunny, so to make our time most productive, we made Easter Nests. We had to apply all of our maths ...
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  • 27th March 2018
    It’s a Tuitti Fruitti Fruit Salad!
    In Class 2 our topic has been all about fruit from around the world, farm shops and healthy eating. To finish our topic and apply all of ...
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  • 23rd March 2018
    Lambs say Baa, Cows say Moo.
    On Friday 23rd March Pebworth First School were lucky to see the spring lambs entering the world. We timed it perfectly to watch the birth ...
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  • 27th March 2018
    Spring Chicken
    On 27th March, the whole school went up to St Peter’s Church at Pebworth. Class 3 led the service as usual performing songs on recorders, ...
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Comments From Parents
  • “The staff are all very nurturing and welcoming. They are ambitious for the children whilst allowing children to be children.”
  • “Pebworth is a small and friendly school. All the children look so happy.”
  • “The music lessons and facilities are superb.”
  • “The children get so many wonderful opportunities here. I feel that their interests and talents are acknowledged and harnessed.”
  • “The staff have been excellent at attending to my children’s specific needs.”
  • “I like Pebworth because no one is ever left out or left to be on their own. All the children include each other and look out for one another. It’s a very safe place to be.”
  • “I love the outdoor space and the fact that they grow their own vegetables and have an outdoor class room in both their forest schools.”
  • “My children adore forest school and learning about the nature around them. They also get taught how to build dens, climb trees and toast marsh mallows on the campfire. Not many schools offer that!”
  • “My children have just blossomed since starting here. I wouldn’t send them anywhere else.”
  • “We are really lucky to have this school”